Oerlikon Balzers Coating Slovakia s.r.o.

Building infrastructure

Developed site fully connected to infrastructure and access road. See our actual photos of the ongoing/finished construction in the photo gallery.



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  Username: kkp / password: velkaida

IEE Sensing Slovakia s.r.o. – Manufacturer of sensor systems for the automotive industry

The first investor in the park is the Luxembourger society IEE Group. Production with over 500 employees starts in August 2014 latest.

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Industrial Park

Developed plots from 5000 m2 Veľka Ida - okolie Košíc.





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ENERGYCO – 3D study





Current News

2015/09/22 / Oerlikon Balzers
First European center of Excellence

2015/7/1 / Energyco
Planning has started

2015/8/25 / Oerlikon Balzers
Final approval of the production area


KKP Invest s.r.o. is the owner of the developed land designated for construction of logistics and manufacturing park in Košice/Veľká Ida - eastern Slovak region.

Total build up area more than 97,000 square meters.

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  Username: kkp / password: velkaida

Developed Land from 5000m² for sale

  • Area of 29.4 hectares
  • Infrastructure and access road on the site
  • 17.9 km from Kosice's center
  • 9 km to the Kosice airport
  • Public bus connection to industrial park since August 2014
  • The highest level of possible state aid
  • Zoned to industrial and logistic facilities
Contact Information

+ 421 907 775 269


KKP Invest, s.r.o.
Vojtecha Tvrdého 793/21
080 01 Žilina, Slovakia

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  • KKP Invest, s.r.o.
  • Vojtecha Tvrdého 793/21
  • 080 01 Žilina
  • IČO: 36834955
  • DIČ: 2022459539
  • IČ DPH: SK2022459539
  • www.pozemkyke.sk