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General Info / Location

KKP Invest s.r.o. is the owner and developer of the fully connected site /29,4ha/ to infrastructure in Kosice/Velka Ida area.

Velka Ida is located in very close proximity to important strategic point of eastern Slovakia city of Kosice.

Industrial & Logistics park is located in the district of Košice - surroundings, has a positive effect on cost savings for individual investors (eg the amount of property tax is a third-in compare to property taxes in Kosice).

This location on 29,4ha has an unique potential for implementation of the production and logistics facilities.

Total build up area of all facilities in industrial park will represent more than 97 thousand square meters.

This park is designed so that residents of nearby towns of Rožňava, Moldava nad Bodvou and others, including catchment communities had the opportunity to decent work and thus reduce unemployment in this region, which is currently at about 20%. /public bus transport available since August 2014 latest/

The intention of the Landlord is to develop the area together with international manufacturers or logistics companies and allow them the get the highest level of state aid in Slovakia.

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  • KKP Invest, s.r.o.
  • Vojtecha Tvrdého 793/21
  • 080 01 Žilina
  • IČO: 36834955
  • DIČ: 2022459539
  • IČ DPH: SK2022459539
  • www.pozemkyke.sk